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Children as Zones of Peace
Children as Zones of Peace
Schools as Zone of Peace
Schools as Zone of Peace
Institutional Development
Institutional Development

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Press Statement-School Captured by Security Force

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Debate: छोरा छोरीलाई प्रशस्त धन कमाइदिनु भन्दा उचित शिक्षा दिक्षा दिनुपर्छ।

CZOP Nepal

CZOP is advocating with parliamentarians, policy makers and political leaders to make child friendly environment. The CZOP lobbies and advocates and partnering with governments to end violence against children; child marriage, child labour, corporal punishment, abuse and exploitation for the policy changes in new state restructure on Nepal. Now, CZOP is lobbying to endorse National Plan of Action on Children, to amend National Strategy to End Child Marriage-2072, Amend Child Labor (prohibition and regulation) Act 2056, determine best interest of children needed special protection (Children Act 2018-Sec. 48), safe and peace schools, protect children from abuse, exploitation, discrimination and neglect based on the newly endorsed fundamental acts and Constitution of Nepal 2018.

In addition to this the CZOP/SZOP is a Sustainable Development Goal Agenda; the SDG 4 and 5.3 on Quality Education and to end child marriage. Similarly, the SDG 16 is for peace promotion and safety for children. CZOP is partnering with different stakeholders to reduce discrimination against children especially on child marriage and sexual exploitation since 2017.To achieve the CZOP mission, it has been strategically partnering with the National Human Rights Commission. Likewise, CZOP has been working with MoWCSC and other ministries at federal level, the parliamentary committee in federal and provincial level. For the local level, it has been technical supporting to the local CBOs and NGOs under its major themes: a) Policy Advocacy, b) Child Protection, c) School/Children are zones of Peace and protection, and d) Institutional Development.

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