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CZOP Chair as Panelist for UPR Geneva based Pre-session for Child Rights REport

26 May, 2021 | 13:12:11 | Virtual-Zenva Based

Narendra Dangol, Chairman,

Children as Zones of Peace National Campaign (CZOP), Nepal

Excellencies, Distinguished Dignatries,

CZOP is a child-centered not-profit, independent advocacy network promoting child rights. It has been participating UPR processes since 2015.

This report is based on status review, present context, provincial and national consultations. Total of 761 participants out of which 236 were children) were consulted in 16 Sessions.

This statement covers the following two major areas:

(1) Protection from violence, abuse and exploitation

(2) Mandatory free education

Major issues discussed during the second cycle are: child labor, child marriage, trafficking of children and protection of children at risk.

UNICEF reported that seventy percent of children face bullying in school and home. In the context of Nepal, Nepal Labour Force Survey 2017/18 estimated that despite of Child Labor Act and its plan to end child labour by 2019 the issues such as rescue from adverse situations and family reintegration has not been properly addressed, This signifies that tangible results are not yet achieved. Hence, the issue of child labor is yet to be adequately addressed. Secondly, child marriage was another important issue discussed. Under criminal code 2017, child marriage is a criminal offense and Nepal has already endorsed "National Strategy to End Child Marriage". However, significant policy measure has not been implemented.

During the discussion, it was noted that violence against children, especially rape and killing of girls has increased and there is increasing notion that protection of children from abuse and exploitation is solely in the hands of parents and guardians.

Based on the discussions, we recommend:

  1. Establishing effective child rights committees at local and provincial levels  with adequate resources to prevent, protect and respond to corporal punishment of children (though banned by law but still vagely present) in all settings.
  2. Revise HTTC Act, and national plan focusing on child awareness and provide adequate resources for the rescue of vulnerable children.
  3. Launch family support programs to end child labor, labor reparation, and reintegration of departed




  1. Make local child rights committees obliged to file cases for violence against children, child marriage, child labor, abuse and other child exploitations.
  2. Investment in implementation of strategic plan(s) to end child marriage (including support package) and development of opportunities for children at risk is highly recommended.
  3. Set independent child rights monitoring mechanism or child rights commissioner at National Human Rights Commission.
  4. Implement support program for vulnerable families to discourage school dropout and relief package to reduce the impact of COVID -19 to the affected families.

Ministry of Education launched the global “Education for All” program, nonetheless, challenges persist. Net enrolment rate (NER) of hills and mountains Dalit minorities and ethnic groups’ children are below the national average. Most schools do not meet the teaching-learning standard set by Nepal.

A survey conducted during COVID-19 for 2.5 months shows out of 8.3 million school children, 2.3 million children do not have access to alternative teaching-learning approaches resulting in drop out of more than three hundred thousand students.

Hence we recommend,

  1. Actions (such as policy measures) to ensure free and compulsory education for all children; especially children at risk with support system.
  2. Guarantee affordable and quality education in all schools.

Thank you for your attention.



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