CZOP conducted a wider consultation to feedback on the drafted National Child Rights Policy 2021

04 Jun, 2021

CZOP conducted a wider consultation to feedback on the drafted National Child Rights Policy-2021;

CZOP conducted a wider consultation to feedback on the drafted National Child Rights Policy-2021; by reviewing existing laws and envisioning delivery approaches related to children and child rights protection.

Mr. Narendra Dangol, CZOP Chair, welcomes to all 79 children, child rights defenders; participants from all seven provinces, child rights defenders, children, and representatives from Government agencies. He expresses sincere gratitude to all participants and encourages to feedback critically. Furthermore, he committed to combine all the feedback and submit to the Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens (MoWCSC) and National Child Rights Council (NCRC). In addition, he also highly appreciated the consultation among civil societies by MoWCSC and NCRC. Program host Mr. Madhu Dawadi, Program Director, briefed the schedule and requested for a concentrated discussion with policy perspective for children.

Mr. Shantri Raj Prasain, Head of Child Protection and Development from MoWCSC, expressed his sincere gratitude to CZOP for conducting such a program to make the policy wider acceptable. He committed to address all the feedbacks that are collected from the discussions and then finalize the draft.

Hon. Krishna Bhakta Pokhrel, Chairperson of Law Justice and Human Rights (LJHR) of the dissolved house of representative presented gaps of the existing laws related to children and area of issue to be incorporated in the drafted National Child Rights Policy 20278 (2021).

Some legal reviews regarding the need for amendments on the objectives of the policy, he pointed out some area of child rights protection and technical mistakes by thoroughly going into some provisions. Mr. Sabin Chaulagain, a child club chair from Sindhuli expresses his concern to eliminate child labour at national Policy. Various child representatives expressed their concerns such as the need of such program in each corner of the country, the issue of children eloping to get married, boys being victims of rape allegations after child marriage. Ms. Asmita Karki, a former child club chair of Manahari Rural Municipality from Makawanpur District raises concern about the implementation of policy and its delivery mechanism at all local levels. Measures prevention to stop child love marriage is a major concern at Terai region said Puja Mishra, a law student from Mahottari, Mr. Sahadev Mandal, a social worker from Sunsari reveals to measure to stop early and child love marriage.

Mr. Shiva Khakurel, INSEC Gandaki Province Coordinator, reveals to stop sex-selective abortion need to be clearly mentioned in the policy. He also added the need for a monitoring mechanism in this policy. His emphasis to intervene and stop trafficking children and investment in children need to assured from the policy.

Ms. Gita Dahal, NHRC representative from province 1 office Biratnagar emphasizes the issue of sexual harassment, rape, and trafficking of children need to be included in exclusive provisions in the policy along with the existing laws.

The country representative of Good Shepherd International Foundation Ms. Taskila M. Nicholas, reveals to measure to stop child trafficking. Mr. Tilottam Poudel, NCFLG National Coordinator and National Coalition for Girl Rights, expressed his gratitude to all issues raises common way. Mr Sant Ram Dangol, Convener of Education watch Group,   suggested on the need for advancement in the alternative teaching learning approaches for studies.

Ms. Benu Maya Gurung, NACG Chair and AATWIN Executive Director, also expressed that since this is a national policy, there should be various dimensions to it and not limited to some specific issues. She reveals UNCRC spirit should be included and must be responsible for multi-agencies involvement in the National Policy. Mr. Kiran Thapa, Consortium Chair, strongly opposed the practice of politicizing child participation through Child clubs only and urges that the participation of children should not be limited to Child Club.

Mr. Rabin Nepali, SOS Program Director, and Child Care Home Nepal General Secretary argued abolition in law and practices of sex-selective abortion, easy access of all kind of children in education, and child tracking for continuous services to children play a significant role in this issue so it should be active and functional. Similarly, Ending child marriage issues must be in the national policy said Vijaayanti Karki, National Coordinator, GNB Nepal.

Unicef representative, Mr. Raj Burlakoti suggested as aim to (i) amend citizenship law to recognize/register everybody before the age of 16 as a citizen and ensure citizenship certificate; (ii) ensure that crimes against children are reported to police by health, education sectors as well as other service providers working with children; (iii) enforce background check of those working with children. The policy should include a particular mention of how this will be implemented and monitored.

Mr. Krishna Subedi, Ratify CRCOP3 coalition Nepal, National Coordinator, argued to include Mechanism of child protection, measure need-based social security for children instead of blanket approach, the state should be committed to accepting all UNCRC policy instrument and implementation of international treaties, in the upcoming national policy and need to establish an independent monitoring mechanism for child rights protection.

Mr. Milan Raj Dharel, Executive Director, National Child Rights Council (NCRC) ensured that the process of collecting feedback is going well and all the valuable feedback by CSOs and children themselves will be addressed as much as possible. He cited ' this is a good example of the participatory law-making process and Government of Nepal is democratic and pro-people". He also askes to submit the feedback on the policy within the deadline and thanked Hon Mr. Pokharel

CZOP treasurer Mr. Ratna Upreti thanks all children, child rights defenders, participants, NRCR Executive Director, Division head of MoWCSC and Hon. Pokharel. He again committed to submit all the concerns to MoWCSC and NCRC within a week. The program is financial supported by Plan International Nepal.

By Aarya Aryal and Madhu Dawadi

June 4, 2021

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